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Staff Spotlight: Aleia White

Smiling man and woman

Aleia with her husband Matt after voting in 2020

Black labrador dog

New family member Dexsy

When did you start at UCBA and what are your current responsibilities?

I started at UCBA in October, however, I am familiar with UC having worked for almost 6 years on the Clifton campus as an Assistant Director with Resident Education & Development. As Director of Student Life, I oversee the areas of student organizations, leadership programs, new student orientation, student ambassadors, testing placement, and veteran affairs. My day to day looks different each week but I spend a lot of time working with colleagues across the college, planning and implementing programs on campus, and lots and lots of meetings!

What is your favorite thing about working at UC Blue Ash?

So far, my favorite thing about working at UCBA has been how welcoming and community-focused the college is. Everyone wants to lend a helping hand and create a space that is inclusive to all students.

Aleia Whit eposing in front of Christmas lights

Seeing the Christmas lights at the Duke Energy Center in 2021

Is there a current/recent book or podcast you’re enjoying?

I’ve fallen into the romance category of books thanks to, or should I say not thanks to, my colleagues in my previous position. I won’t go into specific titles of books but what can I say, I love a good romcom!

What kind of hobbies or activities do you pursue outside of work?

I love Cincinnati so anything to do with exploring the city and trying out new restaurants is on my list. My partner and I have been working through all the coffee shops in the city and surrounding areas and are always looking for recommendations. Lately, my hobbies and activities have consisted of hanging out with our new dog, Dexsy, who we adopted shortly after I started working here at UCBA. She keeps us busy, and we love being able to experience new things with her.

Aside from spending time with my little family, I also enjoy puzzling, reading, watching crime procedurals, and dabbling in a bit of sewing.

What is one fun or interesting fact you would like to share about yourself?

I have an extensive collection of holiday shirts/sweaters, like, an obsessive amount. If you’re around campus in December, be sure to stop by and see me. My collection ranges from grandma chic to modern sleek.


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