UC Blue Ash College

Radiologic Technology Goals & Mission

The Mission

The Radiologic Imaging Technology program aims to create an inclusive environment to educate and prepare students for a career within medical imaging and instill a desire for excellence in professional practice, academic achievement, and career advancement.

Program Goals & Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program, the student will: 

  • demonstrate clinical competence using current medical imaging professional practice standards 
  • demonstrate critical thinking skills  
  • demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills  
  • exhibit skills associated with inquiry and analysis  
  • develop skills for advanced practice 
  • operate collaboratively within a team 
  • solve problems utilizing an evidenced based approach 

Program Effectiveness

Program effectiveness data will be listed in 2026, after the first graduating cohort completes the program.


Contact Information

Allied Health Program Coordinator
UC Blue Ash College