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Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) Certificate Program

The UC Blue Ash College Allied Health Department is excited to offer the Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) Certificate Program! The prerequisite class start Summer semester. The program is made up of online and face-to-face instruction with hands on pre-clinical laboratory sessions and off-site practicum experiences. Students will use typodont/patient simulation for learning instrumentation and manipulation of materials used to restore teeth preparations of all classification types.

Students will develop self-evaluation skills, an understanding of the Ohio State Dental Board Rules and Laws as they pertain to EFDAs, as well as professionalism and critical thinking in dentistry. At the completion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the written and didactic EFDA board examination to become a registered EFDA in the state of Ohio.

See below for eligibility and admission requirements.

Helpful tip: If you are a dental assistant who has not taken the CODA or DANB exam yet to become a certified dental assistant, register to do that NOW! Exams are only offered at specific times during the year, don’t let that prevent you from starting the EFDA Program. 

One-Year Certificate

Our one-year certificates are designed for students who might be interested in eventually pursuing an associate degree, but want to earn the education and credential that allows them to begin a professional career after one year. Learn about one-year certificates.

Program Outcomes

  • Determine and perform the appropriate steps for placing amalgam and composite restorations of all classifications, as well as finish and polish restorations.
  • Determine and perform the appropriate steps for placing bases, liners and other pulp protective materials under restorations.
  • Identify and utilize appropriate methods of isolation in the placement of amalgam and composite restorations.
  • Apply ethical standards expected of a dental health professional in the delivery of restorative dentistry.
  • Identify the rules and laws in accordance with the Ohio State Dental Board practice act pertaining to permissible tasks legally delegated to EFDAs in the delivery of restorative dental care.

Information Session:

Don't miss our upcoming information session to learn more about the EFDA Program at UC Blue Ash College.  

Each session takes place in Muntz Auditorium, Room 119. The sessions usually last one hour, with a tour of the clinic at the end. Register for your session by following the link associated with your date of choice.

Registration for the information sessions will be available by May.


The classes will meet either online or once weekly on Fridays during each semester. There is potential that classes may alternatively need to be held on Thursday evenings due to limited space on campus. Any need for a Thursday evening course will be communicated with the students well in advance.

  • 1st Summer Semester: Tooth Morphology for the EFDA (Hybrid - online and in person)
  • Fall Semester: Restorative Dentistry for EFDA 1 (lecture and lab held on Fridays)
  • Spring Semester: Restorative Dentistry for EFDA 2 (lecture and lab held on Fridays)
  • 2nd Summer Semester: Clinical Practicum (off site didactic experience)


Qualified candidates for the EFDA program include:

  • Advanced qualified personnel (AQP)
  • Unlicensed dentists
  • Dental students
  • Unaccredited foreign dental college graduates (restriction apply please see note below*)
  • RDHs
  • Unlicensed dental hygienists
  • CDAs
    • CDAs must also have two years of full-time experience in chairside dentistry within the past five years
    • Note to Dental Assistants: your two years of experience doesn’t have to be as a CDA, but you must have your CDA when you submit your application.

*Please note: For international student requirements, contact the Enrollment Services Office at 513-745-5700.

Tuition Information

Tuition for this program is due each semester based on the credit hours of the course. The courses required for this program are not available for tuition guarantee or loans. To determine the cost of the program refer to our Tuition and Fees under the Health-Related Programs Tuition and Fees Breakdown.  

Admission Requirements

Due to high demand, program difficulty and other specialized needs, the EFDA program uses a selective program admission process. 

  1. Applicants need to apply to the University of Cincinnati as a Pre-Health Professions student. The application (including transcripts) must be complete no later than March 15, 2020.  
  2. Enroll in Tooth Morphology (EFDA1010) for summer semester 2020. This is a pre-requisite that is available on a first come, first serve basis. This DOES NOT mean you have been accepted into the EFDA selective admissions program.
  3. The Selective Admissions application deadline for the EFDA certificate program will close on June 30, 2020Please note: all application requirements must be uploaded by this date in order to be considered for the program, no exceptions.  
  • If you have no college credits with either a high school GPA below a 2.2 or a GED, you must contact the EFDA Program Director at heather.ferris@uc.edu prior to applying to the University of Cincinnati so that we can assist with the application process.

EFDA Selective Admissions minimum criteria:

  • Must be a University of Cincinnati student
  • Eligible candidate as defined above
  • Completed Tooth Morphology for the EFDA course (EFDA 1010) with a grade of C or better.
  • Sponsor (Dentist) commitment that includes an agreement to provide 80 hours of direct supervision on patients within his or her practice.
  • Essay - consists of 200 words or less describing what characteristics you possess that will help you to become a successful EFDA.  
  • Resume - should include any relevant certifications and years of dental experience. Please note that dental assistants should show a minimum of two years of full-time experience in chair side dentistry within the past five years.  

Other specific applicant requirements include:

  • Color distinction (differentiation of various shades of color and gradiations from black to white);
  • Manual dexterity/motor coordination (discern changes in surface textures by manipulating dental instruments, control exertion of hand/finger pressure);
  • Eye-hand coordination (transfer of visual input into motor output);
  • Physical communications (perceive sound through telephone, hear commands through operator’s face mask, hear oral communication from patients);
  • Visual acuity (identify the working ends of various dental instruments and implements at a two-foot distance);
  • Form/spatial ability (view in three-dimensional relationships, distinguish subtle changes from one form or shape to another, discriminate intricate measurements);
  • Language development (communicate clearly so that patient understands his/her dental/oral condition).

Program Requirements

Upon acceptance into the program, students will also be required to show proof of Hepatitis B vaccination and titer, vision examination, and current health care provider CPR certification. Students will also be required to attend a mandatory orientation prior to classes starting, as well as be required to purchase additional items for the program (which can include; loupes, uniform, typodont, etc.). The costs for these items will be given to the students upon admissions into the program and students must be financially ready to purchase them prior to starting classes.

Special thank you to the ADEAGies Foundation for their financial support, which has allowed us to fund much of the startup costs for this Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary Program.

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Contact Information

EFDA Program Contact
Email: efda@ucblueash.edu
Phone: 513-745-5635