Why study Environmental Studies?

During an era when the world is facing a wide range of environmental problems that are in the news virtually every day, Environmental Studies has become a particularly timely and important program.

Our Environmental Studies program provides an opportunity for the systematic investigation of the natural world and the interaction of humans with their own environment. Environmental issues and conflicts of this century are highly complex and transcend traditional academic disciplines. The goal of the environmental studies program at UC is to provide the interdisciplinary training and conceptual framework required to analyze and respond to the complex and dynamic environmental problems of the modern world.

Admission Requirements

The program is open to all students with a high school diploma from an accredited high school or GED and the desire to succeed in college. Although admission is open, students accepted into the program must meet the academic standards of the program to graduate and to advance to upper levels of study.

Baccalaureate degree graduates in environmental studies can expect to be prepared for entry-level and technician positions in a wide variety of careers, including ecologists, zoologists, hazardous waste managers or even park rangers. In addition, environmental studies graduates are well prepared for admissions into graduate-level education necessary for most professional and research-based careers.

The Environmental Studies major at UC Blue Ash College provides the first two years of an anticipated baccalaureate program following transfer to an accredited college or university. While most students elect to continue their education with the UC College of Arts and Sciences, the program is designed to articulate with other universities as well. Students completing the program of study in environmental studies are eligible for an associate of science degree. Learn more about transition-oriented programs.


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Contact Information

Susan Willis
9555 Plainfield Road
Blue Ash, OH 45236
(513) 936-7142

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