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Pre-Secondary Education Program

Secondary education is teaching that concentrates on grades seven through twelve.

Secondary school teachers help students delve even more deeply into subjects introduced in elementary and middle school, and continue exposing them to more information about the world. Secondary school teachers specialize in a specific subject, such as English, Spanish, mathematics, history or biology.

Teachers also play a vital role in the development of their students. They often become role models for adolescents. What students learn and experience during these years can change their views of themselves and the world, and may affect their later success or failure in college, work and their personal lives.

A bachelor's degree in education is the minimum educational requirement for entering the teaching profession. This program provides you with the first two years toward completion of your bachelor's degree.

Where It Will Take You

With your bachelor's degree and proper licensing, your employment opportunities include becoming a teacher, instructor and tutor. You may teach in public or private schools.

Transition-Oriented Program

Your first two years of study fulfill UC's general education requirements and provide a liberal arts education as you begin studies in your selected major. You may select any area of concentration from the following: language arts, mathematics, life science, chemistry or social studies and history. Your advisor will help you pick appropriate courses for your chosen concentration. Learn more transition-oriented programs.


Contact Information

Behavioral Science Department
Phone: 513-558-7833
Email: pre-education@ucblueash.edu