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Research on Behavioral Science

The Behavioral Science Department faculty engage in scholarly work within their discipline (Criminal Justice, Education, Psychology, Social Work, or Sociology) and collegiate teaching. Thus our faculty are knowledgeable in the latest trends in their original fields of study and best practices in college teaching. There are even opportunities for students to be research assistants, working alongside faculty on projects and presenting findings in a number of conference outlets. Below is a broad sample of the type of scholarly activity our faculty pursue:

College Teaching

  • Harte, H.A., Jones, M. M. & Wray, F. (2015). Little by little the bird builds its nest: first steps in cross cultural curriculum training. Journal of Inquiry and Action in Education, 6 (2) 119-137 Available in Issue 2, Vol. 6 of Journal of Inquiry and Action in Education
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  • Harte, H.A., Jones, M. M. & Wray, F. (2015). Little by little the bird builds its nest: First steps in cross cultural curriculum training. Journal of Inquiry and Action in Education, 6 (2) 119-137 Available in Issue 2, Vol. 6 of Journal of Inquiry and Action in Education.
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Criminal Justice

  • Calaway, W., United States of America v. Jamael White, United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Case No. 21-3209
  • Calaway, W., Kinsley, J., & Wadian, T., “The Role of Judicial Political Affiliation in Criminal Sentencing Outcomes,” Wayne Law Review, Spring 2021.


  • Bender-Slack, D., Miller-Hargis, A., Young, T. (2022). Simple view, science, and the state: A critical reading of the Ohio Literacy Plan. Ohio Journal of Teacher Education, 36(1), 4-34
  • Miller-Hargis, A. & Bender-Slack, D. (anticipated publication 2023). Planning Critical Literacy Lessons in An Equity-Oriented Curriculum: Sharing Power. Rowman and Littlefield Publishing.


  • Depretis, R., Sonnentag, T. L., Wadian, T. W., & Saeed, Z. (2021). Effects of emotion-related stereotype messages on females’ experience and expression of emotion. SN Social Sciences, 1(7), 1-13. https://doi.org/10.1007/s43545-021-00174-x
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Social Work

  • Singleton, J.L., Waldeck, N., & Houlette, M. (Spring 2020). *Students Helping Students in Need: A Class Project. Academic Exchange Quarterly. Vol. 24, 1, pp. 1-7.  *Editor’s Choice award


  • Heyman, O, Odum, T and Bessett (2022) “Selecting an Abortion Clinic: the role of social myths and risk perception in seeking abortion care," Journal of Health and Social Behavior. JHSB
  • Odum, T (2018) “Why Understanding Black Women’s Beliefs about Motherhood can Help Improve Reproductive Health Care.” Scholars Strategy Network: Issue Brief
  • Odum Tamika, Heymann O, Turner AN, Rivlin K, Bessett D. (2022) “Assessing psychosocial costs: Ohio patients' experiences seeking abortion care.” Contraception. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.contraception.2022.08.007


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