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Study Abroad 2024: Granada, Spain

The Indelible Arabic-Hispanic Imprint on Spanish Language and Culture

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Spend three thrilling weeks in Granada, Spain, in the summer of 2024. Improve your Spanish language skills, engage in experiential learning opportunities, and learn about “The Indelible Arabic-Hispanic Imprint on Spanish Language and Culture.” Immerse yourself in the culture of a vibrant city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region. You will live with a host family, study Spanish language and culture at a higher education institution and participate in cultural-study tours.

exterior of historic Granada architecture

Anticipated Destinations:

  • Granada
  • Seville
  • Córdoba
  • Málaga
  • The Federico García Lorca Trail
  • Albaicín
  • Alhambra and Generalife
  • Granada of Three Cultures

Program Course

SPAN 2075: Spanish Culture and Civilization I

  • 3 credit hours
  • Fulfills the UC General Education requirement for HU and SCE
  • Professor Angel Añorga

Course Description

In Spanish Culture and Civilization I (SPAN 2075), you will study and recognize how the Arabic language and culture have influenced the Spanish language and culture throughout the years. Moreover, this course will allow you to identify how hundreds of years of Moorish legacy have co-existed with Spanish language and culture – creating the Arabic-Hispanic imprint. You will visit different sites in Granada, Spain and its surroundings to experience this course's essence. Furthermore, you will take Spanish language and culture classes and experience the University of Granada's renowned faculty (including Spanish language experts and recognized Arabists).

  • Tentative Dates: June 2 to June 22, 2024
  • Anticipated Costs: $3,750

MLTI 3000: Study Abroad for Undergraduate Students

  • Possible Language Credit (3 credit hours)
  • You will have the option to enroll in this course, so that you can transfer up to three language credits from the University of Granada.

Program Cost Includes:

  • International Airfare
  • Accommodation
  • Three meals per day
  • Tuition for language and culture classes at University of Granada
  • Cultural-study tours /entrance fees
  • International emergency and evacuation insurance
  • MLTI3000 Study Abroad Fee ($200) (to transfer earned credits abroad)

Not included in Program Costs

  • Summer Tuition for SPAN 2075 I (tuition varies from student to student, so check what applies to you for a 3-credit hour class)
  • Passport processing (current cost is $130.) Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page for details on cost and time involved.
  • Personal spending


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