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Study Abroad 2023 Great Britain & Germany

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Design for a Threatened Planet

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In this month-long program to Great Britain and Germany, the cities of Grantham, Nottingham, London, and Munich become living laboratories where students will study environmental sustainability. Using the tools of history and design, students will examine how housing, mobility, food production, and waste systems have shaped contemporary urban environments, then explore creative, hands-on techniques to make cities more sustainable in an age of rapid growth and climate change. No foreign language skills necessary.

Program Courses

The program offers two 3-credit hour courses. Students may take one or both:

HIST/EVST 2059: Everyday Sustainability

3 credit hours

Fulfills Historical Perspectives and Technology and Culture Breadth of Knowledge Requirements

Professor Robert Gioielli

Explore the environmental history of European cities, focusing on how human settlements shape the natural world (and vice-versa), and the political, social, and economic forces that have made cities more or less sustainable over time. Students will learn to “read” urban landscapes to uncover how everyday items – trash cans, public transit systems, and apartment buildings – tell us how people lived in the past and shape cities and their environments today.

CMDS 2095: Design Thinking & Problem Solving

3 credit hours

Fulfills Society, Culture and Ethics and Fine Arts Breadth of Knowledge Requirements

Professor Jamie Albert

Explore urban sustainability through the creative problem-solving methods of Design Thinking. Students will learn skills and processes for solving real-life issues of design, planning, and waste while considering how design might improve city life to be more user-friendly, sustainable, and socially just. Students will practice methods of research, ideation, design development and evaluation, all within a hands-on design process focused upon the needs and motivations of end-users.


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  • Harlaxton Manor, Grantham, England
  • Nottingham, England
  • London, England
  • Munich, Germany

Tentative Dates

  • May 10 to June 7, 2023

Anticipated cost

Cost: $4,800 per student (tentative)

Includes meals, lodging, transportation and excursions.

Students are encouraged take advantage of the many scholarships and grants available for study abroad programs:

*price is tentative

Apply today! Applications close on November 15, 2022.


Contact Information

British Study Abroad Contact
Mark Otten
Associate Professor of Biology