UC Blue Ash College

Pre-Special Education Program

The focus of the special education program is to produce graduates who enhance and better the lives of individuals with disabilities. The program emphasizes educating teachers to use evidence-based practices and meet licensure requirements for K-12 intervention specialists.

Where It Will Take You

In general, graduates of the special education program work as intervention specialists (teachers) in various K-12 education settings, including schools, hospitals, vocational training facilities and other institutions providing educational services for individuals with disabilities. Some graduates of the special education program work as advocates and/or case managers for social agencies.

One-Year Non-Degree Program

This one-year, non-degree, transition program allows students interested in obtaining a BS in special education to start their educations at UC Blue Ash College.

After completing the first year of study, students will transition to the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services for their second year. Then, students will apply to the cohort. Learn about non-degree programs.


Contact Information

Behavioral Science Department
Phone: 513-558-7833
Email: pre-education@ucblueash.edu