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Performance Package Certificate Programs

University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College offers a number of Performance Package Certificate programs to help students upgrade skills and knowledge, making them more marketable professionals and more valuable employees. Each Performance Package Certificate consists of three courses that build production or critical skills in a particular discipline. Students can typically complete a Performance Package Certificate program in one year by taking one course per term, but Media Communications and Technology students can complete a number of the Certificate programs as they complete the required courses for the Associate of Applied Science degree or Professional Certificate program.

Ten Performance Package Certificate programs are currently available with all of the courses offered by Media Communications and Technology. Students must earn a grade of C or better in each course to receive the Certificate of Achievement for a Performance Package. Students will receive the certificate upon approval of the application form, and may complete any number of certificate packages. Contact lou.olenick@uc.edu for application forms.

Program Options

The Performance Packages may also be taken in addition to the Associate of Applied Science or the One-Year Certificate program for focused training in a specific technical skill or content area, and an enhanced set of professional credentials upon completion of the program.

Program Requirements

A grade of C or better must be earned in all Media Communications and Technology courses that serve as prerequisite requirements, or as capstone experiences, to be eligible to graduate from the program. Courses transferring from other institutions with less than a grade of C may not be applied to courses that serve as prerequisite requirements in any Media Communications and Technology program. Students should see the program advisor about these requirements.

Available Performance Packages

Animation Design

  • Animation Foundations – AMEC 2063C
  • Animation I – AMEC 2060C and one of the following
    • Animation II – AMEC 2061C
    • Motion Graphics – AMEC 2045C
    • 3-D Graphics & Motion – AMEC 2067C

Audio Production

  • Audio Production I – AMEC 2020C
  • Audio Production II – AMEC 2021C and one of the following
    • Special Topics (audio)
    • Small Group Studio (audio/video)

Electronic Design

  • Media Design Foundations I – AMEC 1010C
  • Media Design Foundations II – AMEC 1011C and one of the following
    • Animation I – AMEC 2060C
    • Interactive Design – AMEC 2055C
    • Motion Graphics – AMEC 2045C

Film Studies

  • American Cinema – AMEC 1080
  • American Film Noir – AMEC 1081 and one of the following
    • World Cinema – AMEC 1082
    • Special Topics in Media (film)

Interactive Design

  • Interactive Design – AMEC 2055C
  • Motion Graphics – AMEC 2045C
  • Web Design I – AMEC 2050C

Media History

Any three of the following:

  • American Film Noir – AMEC 1081
  • Cincinnati Television History – AMEC 1087
  • History of Animation – AMEC 1086
  • History of Photography – AMEC 1085
  • World Cinema – AMEC 1082

Media Journalism

  • Survey of Media Journalism – AMEC 1075C
  • Introduction to Photojournalism – AMEC 2035C
  • Media Criticism – AMEC 2081

Photo Production

  • Photography I – AMEC 2030C and two of the following
    • Photography II – AMEC 2031C
    • Special Topics in Media (photo)
    • Small Group Studio (photo)

Video Production

  • Video Production I – AMEC 2040C and two of the following
    • Video Production II – AMEC 2041C
    • Multicamera Video Production – AMEC 2042C
    • Video Documentary Production – AMEC 2043C

Web Production

  • Web Design I – AMEC 2050C
  • Web Design II – AMEC 2051C
  • Interactive Design – AMEC 2055C


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