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Dental Hygiene Pre-Appointment Activity

Please watch the following videos in order and use the files that your Advisor sent to your UC-email address to follow along. You will be required to complete the Activity Sheet found on the JotForm while watching the videos. Please contact your Advisor with any questions.

Instructions (7 minutes)

This video introduces you to your Pre-Health Profession: Dental Hygiene Interest Advisor, explains the instructions for your Pre-Appointment Activity, and goes over information about the Pre-Health Profession major.

Pre-Requisites to Apply (14 minutes)

This video explains the pre-requisites and minimum requirements that need to be met to be eligible to apply to the Dental Hygiene clinical program.

Strengthening Your Application (15 minutes)

This video gives ways for you to strengthen your application to ensure that you are a competitive applicant for the Dental Hygiene program.

Deadlines & Timelines (10 minutes)

This video discusses the deadlines and timelines for the Dental Hygiene program. It also helps you prepare for your future semesters at UCBA.

How to Apply (5 minutes)

This video guides you on the process to follow to apply to the Dental Hygiene clinical. You can access the application by CLICKING HERE.

Contact Information

UC Blue Ash Advising Center
Muntz Hall Room 125