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Allied-Health Transition Programs

Allied Health transfer programs at UC Blue Ash allow students the opportunity to begin their baccalaureate degree studies in a smaller campus atmosphere at a convenient location. A start at UC Blue Ash can also provide students the opportunity to demonstrate academic success at the college level prior to applying to the baccalaureate program.

This is important since many of the baccalaureate programs have competitive entrance and the students' academic record is often a key admission factor. Most allied health baccalaureate and graduate programs require high grade point averages and the successful completion of challenging science and math courses. Students planning to transfer to a baccalaureate college must meet the requirements of that college and program in order to be awarded admission and/or program acceptance.

Career level studies in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Physical Therapy are at the Masters and Doctoral degree levels, respectively. It is important that students work with an academic advisor to assure that they meet the most current requirements of the college and program to which they are pursuing transfer.

Transition to University of Cincinnati Colleges

Transition-oriented programs are designed for students to continue their education and transfer their credits at another college. The most obvious and convenient route is to transition to another college at the University of Cincinnati. All UC Blue Ash College programs provide credit towards four-year programs at other UC colleges, making transition easy and ideal.

Programs that Transition to the College of Allied Health Sciences

Programs that Transition to the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services

Programs that Transfer to the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science


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