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Study Abroad 2019 Great Britain

Harlaxton Manor exterior

Students in this month-long program will travel to exciting destinations in Great Britain to study culture by observing British objects, people, and places. Through writing and photography, students will examine cultural sameness and difference and study the ways our cultural identities are shaped by our surroundings.

Sheep in Welsh field

This program begins in spectacular Harlaxton Manor, a 150-room mansion in heart of Lincolnshire, England. Here, students will take classes with UCBA professors before traveling together to London and Wales to explore cultural sameness and difference in the largest city in England and the bilingual country of Wales.

Program Courses

The program offers two 3-credit hour courses. Students may take one or both:

ENGL 2095 | Writing about Place: Observing Objects and Discussing Difference

Taught by Professor Libby Anthony

(Fulfills Humanities HU & Diverse Cultures DC requirements)

Students will examine the concepts of sameness and different across cultures by observing and writing about how everyday objects (street signs, computer keyboards, etc.) are designed and used in Great Britain and comparing their experiences with these same objects in the US.

CMDS 2095 | The Art of Visual Storytelling: Documenting Character and Place through Photography

Taught by Professor Lisa Timman

(Fulfills DC and FA requirements)

Students will use photography to explore storytelling and develop visual narrative to document culture, character, and a sense of place by building on the overarching theme of sameness and difference.

No photography experience or expensive equipment required.


Sign for Harlaxton manor in field
  • Harlaxton Manor, Grantham, England
  • London, England
  • Llandudno, Wales (With excursions to Caernarfon, Llithfaen, and Conwy)

Program includes a few free days for students who want to pursue short-term independent travel at their own cost.

Tentative Dates

May 9 to June 7, 2019

Program begins on campus prior to departure date. On-campus dates TBA.

Anticipated cost

$4,500 * (plus tuition)
Includes meals, lodging, transportation and excursions.

Students are encouraged take advantage of the many scholarships and grants available for study abroad programs:

*price is tentative