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College Program for Academic Success

Based on certain levels of academic performance in high school, students have been accepted to the college on the condition that they participate in our specialized College Program for Academic Success.

We're excited for you to join us!

CPAS offers students individualized support from CPAS advisors, professors, tutors, and CPAS peer mentors. CPAS is designed to help students begin their college studies on the right track, helping them to achieve their goals and work towards graduation.

Requirements for Successful Completion of CPAS

  • Before UC Blue Ash Orientation, complete placement tests in English, reading, and math. The reading placement test must be completed on campus.
  • Attend a CPAS Student Success Session. This will take place on the same day as your orientation, one hour before orientation sign-in. At this session, you will meet with a CPAS Advisor and sign the CPAS Agreement that explains the requirements of the program.
  • At the CPAS success Session, you will meet with a CPAS Advisor and sign the CPAS Agreement that explains the requirements of the program. This is a contract that indicates that you agree to fulfill all CPAS requirements, including meeting your advisor throughout each semester.
  • Attend UC Blue Ash College Orientation.
  • Register for the courses approved by your CPAS Advisor.
  • Attend a mandatory meeting with your CPAS Advisor in the first month of classes and attend scheduled meetings with your CPAS Advisor throughout each semester.
  • At your first meeting, you will work with your advisor to develop a CPAS Plan that will help you to meet your academic and career goals.
  • Meet with your professors throughout each semester to discuss your progress in your classes and complete Academic Progress Reports.
  • Maintain excellent attendance in your classes.
  • Use UC Blue Ash tutoring services as deemed necessary by your CPAS Advisor and professors.
  • Meet specific CPAS Academic Requirements each semester in order to keep taking classes at UC.
    • 1st Semester: Earn (pass) at least 50% of your attempted credit hours and earn a 1.5 or higher GPA
    • 2nd Semester: Earn (pass) at least 67% of your cumulative, attempted credit hours and earn a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA

Completing CPAS

You will earn regular admission status once you have successfully completed the second semester requirements.

Exceptional performance can earn you regular admission in one semester. You can successfully complete CPAS in the first semester, if you earn a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and 67% of hours attempted, complete ENGL 1001 with a grade of C- or higher, and successfully complete all required developmental math and reading courses.

One Year to Fulfill Requirements

All students in CPAS must fulfill all CPAS requirements within two semesters to maintain enrollment at the University of Cincinnati. Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in removal from CPAS, and the student cannot reapply to the university for at least one year.

Confirming at UC Blue Ash Also Confirms CPAS

When CPAS students confirm acceptance to UC Blue Ash College, they also accept to fulfill the requirements shown above and outlined in the CPAS Agreement.

During a CPAS Student Success Session, you will meet with a CPAS Advisor and receive detailed information about this program, your responsibilities as a CPAS student, and all of the support services UC Blue Ash College has available to help you achieve your goals. Your CPAS Student Success Session will take place on the same day as your UCBA Orientation (an hour before Orientation sign-in).

Placement Tests and Self-Placements

As an incoming student of the College Program for Academic Success (CPAS), you are required to complete the following placements:

  • Math Placement Test
  • Reading Placement Test
  • Writing Guided Self-Placement

Once you have completed testing, you will be able to register for a CPAS Success Session and for UC Blue Ash orientation for new students.

Benefits of Being a Part of CPAS

Participating in CPAS will enhance your learning, teach you effective study skills, and help you become part of the college community. CPAS participation will help you increase your academic success.

  • Personal attention from your CPAS Advisor and UC Blue Ash College professors.
  • Required meetings with your CPAS Advisor throughout each semester.
  • Free workshops and academic tutoring.
  • A personalized course schedule designed to build a strong foundation for success.
  • Help setting academic goals and developing effective study skills.

How do I know if I'm enrolled in CPAS?

UC Blue Ash College applicants are notified as a part of the their offer of admission, which states if you are required to participate in CPAS. If you are unsure if you or your student is required to participate, please call 513-558-9442.


Contact Information

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