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CPAS Revocation & Re-Entry

CPAS students are provisionally admitted to the college, based on the conditions that they participate in the College Program for Academic Success (CPAS), earn a minimum number of credit hours each semester and achieve a specific, minimum GPA each semester. Failure to meet any of these requirements at the end of the first or second semester makes a CPAS student ineligible to attend classes at the university, and the provisional admission is revoked.

Petition / Re-Entry Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my registration blocked? Why have I been withdrawn from my classes?

If you were provisionally admitted to the college, you were accepted based on the condition that you participate in the College Program for Academic Success (CPAS), earn a minimum number of credit hours each semester, and achieve a minimum GPA each semester. Failure to meet any of these requirements at the end of your first or second semester makes you ineligible to attend classes at the university, and your provisional admission is revoked.

You were informed of these requirements when you signed the CPAS Agreement during the CPAS Student Success Session you attended prior to enrolling in courses at UC Blue Ash. You were also notified of these requirements through e-mail messages and at the required meetings with your CPAS Advisor. If you were not participating, you received a letter in the mail warning you of these consequences.

A CPAS student may become ineligible to attend classes during any UC semester: Fall, Spring or Summer. The student is officially notified of a change in his or her enrollment status through the student's University of Cincinnati (UC) student e-mail account. A CPAS student whose registration has been blocked or whose provisional admission has been revoked is ineligible to enroll for classes, ineligible for financial aid, and ineligible to participate in student clubs and organizations.

If you don't meet the CPAS Agreement requirements, you will not be permitted to enroll in classes at the university. If you have already registered for classes for a future term, those classes will be administratively dropped (meaning the enrollment is cancelled).

Under certain circumstances, this registration block can be reversed (please see the following).

How long does this block on my registration last?

It is the goal of CPAS and UC Blue Ash College that you return to UC Blue Ash College at a later date, when you have gained the necessary skills needed to succeed at the college level. Re-entry, however, is not automatic.

After a minimum one-year waiting period, you may petition to be allowed to re-enter the CPAS program and take additional classes. Unless you successfully petition for re-entry, your registration will be blocked indefinitely.

Under certain, extraordinary circumstances, this period can be shortened. Please talk to your CPAS Advisor to see if this is a possibility for you.

Should I petition for re-entry into CPAS and re-entry to the college?

Re-entry to the program and the college is not automatic or guaranteed. After one year, you may be considered for re-entry if you can explain in your petition why your circumstances have changed, what skills you have gained, and how your are ready to meet the challenges of college. Prior to the term in which you would like to return, you must complete the online petition form and submit the petition form and any accompanying documents by the deadline noted on the form in order to be considered for re-entry.

When does my one-year waiting period end?

Your waiting period begins at the end of your last semester of enrollment and finishes at the end of the next three academic semesters. For example, if you last attended UCBA Fall Semester, 2015, your waiting period would end on the last day of the Fall Semester, 2016, and a petition for re-enrollment could be approved for Spring Semester, 2017.

Of course, the deadline to submit a petition is during the semester before you are eligible to return. This earlier deadline is necessary to give the Petition Review Committee time to assess your petition and give you time to meet with an advisor and register for classes, if your petition is approved.

Do I have to apply for re-entry in one year?

No, you are not required to apply for re-entry, but you must in order to take classes at UC. You may apply for re-entry at any time after the one-year waiting period.

Wait and submit your petition when you are ready. We want you to return to UC Blue Ash College when you are ready to succeed in your classes and leave here with a UC degree!

Can I apply for re-entry prior to one year?

You may, but this is not recommended. Early re-entry is not the normal process, and only extraordinary conditions will warrant early re-entry.

CPAS students who were participating in the program and working with their professors may petition for early re-entry if they experienced extraordinary circumstances that prevented them from meeting the program requirements. Extraordinary circumstances are serious problems, such as an extended illness or death in the family. You should support your petition by including documentation of these events. You will submit copies of these documents as PDF files with your petition.

Think about your circumstances and apply only when you have made changes that are going to help you succeed. You are limited to two petitions. Because of the limitation on petition review, you should carefully consider when and under what circumstances you choose to petition. (See the next section.)

If my petition is denied, can I appeal the decision?

The CPAS Petition Review Committee's decisions are final. There is no appeal beyond the committee. Simply disagreeing with the committee's decision is not grounds for reconsideration.

If my petition is denied, can I submit another petition?

A second petition for re-entry in a subsequent semester may be considered in the event new evidence or information is presented in the petition. If the chair of the committee deems your new evidence to be relevant, your petition may be considered by the committee for further review.

NOTE: You are limited to two petition submissions. Because of this limitation, you should only petition for re-entry when you have gained the necessary skills and made other appropriate changes that will significantly enhance your chances for success in college courses.

What do I have to write in the petition?

To be considered for re-entry, you must submit a petition form that will be reviewed by the CPAS Petition Review Committee. The petition information must include a detailed explanation of how you have resolved past challenges and constraints and specific steps you are going to take to succeed in college classes going forward. This information is necessary to help the committee assess if you will be able to make academic progress and meet the standards for a UC degree.

The Petition Review Committee requires documentation related to your particular circumstances. Documentation, such as evidence of completion of educational programs, special training, or work experience, may be relevant and support your application. If you are applying for early re-entry, your documents should also include documentation of the extraordinary events that prevented your successful completion of the CPAS requirements, such as a doctor's note or evidence of death in the family.

How will the committee make its decision?

After a thorough evaluation of your petition form, documents you submit, and your academic record, including your CPAS participation, the committee will render a decision. The CPAS Petition Review Committee's decision will be based upon the information in your petition and CPAS, UC Blue Ash, and university policies. Petition applicants do not make personal appearances before the committee.

The committee will make its decision based on the evidence. The committee will be looking for evidence that demonstrates you are ready to return to UC Blue Ash College, can make the time commitment, and meet the challenges of college level courses. We want your return to be a positive experience that leads to graduation.

Again, re-entry is not automatic or guaranteed. You must explain to the committee significant factors that have changed in your circumstances that will help you to succeed at UC Blue Ash College.

Where is the petition form and where do I send it?

The petition form is an online form you can access and submit via the web link found on this page. The petition must be submitted to the UC Blue Ash College CPAS Petition Review Committee electronically via the web link by the appropriate deadline indicated. You may consult with your CPAS Advisor for analysis of the feasibility of a successful petition and for guidance in explaining your plan to succeed.

How will I hear about the Committee's decision?

Responses to petitions will be conveyed through your University of Cincinnati e-mail account. If your have not used your UC e-mail account recently, contact UCIT at 513-556-4357 to reactivate your account.

What happens if my petition is approved?

If you are approved for re-entry following this procedure, you will remain part of the CPAS program, on a provisional admission status, and you will have one semester to meet the minimum requirements of the program, which include earning a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. If you fail to meet the requirements after one semester, your provisional admission will be revoked, and you will not be able to attend classes at the University of Cincinnati.

If the committee approves the petition, in addition to your participation in CPAS, it could recommend other requirements, such as limiting the number of credit hours you may take in the semester, specific course recommendations, or participation in student success workshops.

If the petition is approved, you will become eligible for re-entry as part of the CPAS program, but you may also be required to apply for re-admission to the college and to submit additional applications to become eligible for financial aid. If your petition is approved, UC Blue Ash College One Stop staff can help you with this process.

What else should I consider?

Because of the requirements to meet minimum standards upon re-enrollment, you should only petition for re-entry when you are prepared to succeed. This means that you should wait and petition after you have gained the necessary academic and time management skills needed to meet the challenges of college level courses. We want you to come back when you are prepared to succeed and leave with a UC degree!


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